4 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Page

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks on the web, and has more than 48 million users, according to Mashable.

Personal Information

PROFILE PICTURE:  The great debate – Do I use a personal photo or a brand photo for my Pinterest profile?  The answer is that it really depends on the situation.  People tend to engage more with a brand if they know the face and name behind it.  A headshot of the founder is a very powerful way to connect with your audience if you are a blogger, personal brand or service-based business.  For those who want to increase brand awareness, you’ll want to to use your brand profile.

Still not sure?  Test them both out and see what works best for you.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a profile picture is to make sure it’s a good one.  You don’t want an image that is pixelated or has dim lighting.

LOCATION:  Local search is becoming more relevant so you want to make sure your about me section is updated with your current location.  If you want to take it one step further, make a board about your location.  Pin fun photos, landmarks or secret spots.

Engage with your Followers 

Get involved in the Pinterest community!  It’s important that you don’t just pin your own content.  Make sure you are repinning, liking and commenting on other pins and boards.  Try searching for content that is similar to yours and pin those images to your boards.  If you repin a users content, they will be more likely to repin your content.

Make sure you take the time to follow users who follow you.  If someone is going to take the time to follow you, follow them back!   You also want to follower influencers.

Board Placement

Heat maps show that the top two rows are where visitors focus when they land on your page.  Make sure you optimize these eight boards by placing your best boards here.  You also want to have eye-catching board images.  Spending some time sorting through your pins to find your favorite images for your boards.

Organize your Boards

Focused boards can help to create a lifestyle around your brand.  Get creative with your titles and pick interesting topics.  Don’t forget to add keywords in the description for better search-ability.

You also do not want to create empty boards.  Start with a few boards, then slowly create new boards and move content.  You want to make sure that your boards look complete and full of content.


I am a Social Media Manager/Analyst working in San Francisco. Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in Washington, DC and was working in the health field. For over 4 years, I have developed and implemented marketing strategies and campaigns to drive social growth.

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