5 Tips to Drive Pinterest Sales

Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site in the world.  When used properly, ecommerce stores can leverage their popularity to significantly increase sales.  Here are some tips to help:

1.    Utilize Your Fans
You have tons of fans across social networks, mailing lists and customer lists.  Use your fans to your advantage and tell them about your Pinterest account.  Engage with your fans, ask them to repin your content or give it a like.  You should also ask your fans to share photos of them wearing your product to provide a variety of interesting images for your pinboards.

If you’re new to social media, don’t forget about your personal network.  You’re friends and family will be happy to follow your page.

2.     Create Interesting Boards
Now that you have fans, you need to create fun and interesting boards that your users will engage with.  Creating thematic boards will help spark new interest and new followers.  Pinners want to follow fun and trendy boards that will help give them fashion ideas.

3.     Reuse Your Content
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating content to pin.  Rather than spending time searching the web for photos, pin photos and videos that are already on your site.  Use images from your blog or your website to pin on your boards.

4.     Link Back to Your Site
While this may sound simple, it is the number one thing businesses on Pinterest forget.  You want to make sure you are linking to the product in a pin description.  It is important to make it as simple as possible for users to get back to your site.  Don’t make them jump through hoops to find a pinned product.

Here’s a tip: try putting a link in the comment image to make it easier for users to click back to your site. You can even add tracking to your link.  You can use a site like Bitly to not only track your link, but shorten it as well.

5.     Track Your Metrics
When you know what works (and have data points to prove it) it’s much easier to get the most out of Pinterest.  While tracking follower engagement on Pinterest isn’t as easy as it is on Facebook or Twitter, there are some free tools to help:

    • Pinerly: An easy way to market, track and post content on Pinterest
    • PinReach: Their tool helps the user understand activity, measure impact and gauge success
    • Curalate:  This website makes it easy for brands to measure, monitor, and grow their

I am a Social Media Manager/Analyst working in San Francisco. Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in Washington, DC and was working in the health field. For over 4 years, I have developed and implemented marketing strategies and campaigns to drive social growth.

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