My Most Liked Facebook Post

Creating Likeable Facebook Posts

I’m always trying to find new ways to engage my (work) social followers while trying to understand what they want to see at the same time.  Facebook posts are tricky, a fan most likely will like, comment, share or click on your post, it is unlikely that they will do all four.  When I create Facebook posts, I normally split my posts up by what I think users will click, comment or like.  Typically I do the 3:1 ratio; three posts that will get clicks and one post that will get the most engagement.  Personally, I try to encourage users to click my links because I am trying to meet my weekly and monthly Facebook UV goals.  As a digital media nerd, I understand that you do need to have engaging content on your Facebook page that users want to like or share. Creating engaging content will keep your fans coming back for more.  

After spending some time analyzing our audience, I came to the quick conclusion that our users love pictures of fruit.  By posting a stock image of raspberries with a call to action, I successfully created my most liked Facebook post:


When I created this post we only had about 15K fans.

A few things that I took into consideration:

  • It was September, it was a Saturday and it hot day (at least in DC)
  • I added a call to action so that users would click the “like” button
  • I paired this image with an imageless article.  I thought the original article was perfect for social, but I wanted to put a spin on it by adding an image
  • From trial and error, I knew that our fans would “like” a fruit image

This Post Went Viral

While I was expecting to receive a lot of likes from this post, I was not expecting it to go viral.  In the end this image had 139 shares!  139 people thought my post was interesting enough to share (go me!).  One notable Facebook page did pick up this post, which increased our reach:


In total, this post had a reach of 2,348 unique users and had 5,071 impressions (total count).

The only problem with this post?  I can’t seem to top it!  I’ve tried creating similar posts, but nothing has gone as viral as this post.  My goal is to beat it, one day.


I am a Social Media Manager/Analyst working in San Francisco. Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in Washington, DC and was working in the health field. For over 4 years, I have developed and implemented marketing strategies and campaigns to drive social growth.

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